Soviet Molnija Wristwatch, USSR “Kirovskie” Vintage Watch – Mechanical Soviet Wrist Watch, Soviet Gift, Vintage gift

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  • Vintage watch: Made by the renowned Molnija factory, embodying the rich history of the Soviet Union and USSR.
  • Stainless steel watch: Features a case with a non-transparent skeleton design, showcasing the intricate mechanical watch movement with 17 jewels.
  • Soviet gift: Ideal for enthusiasts of vintage, military wrist watches, and Soviet military memorabilia, making a perfect wristwatch gift.


Kirovskie Soviet Wristwatch

Kirovskie Soviet Wristwatch, a remarkable piece made by the renowned Molnija factory. This vintage watch is a peak to Soviet engineering and history. Molnija (also transliterated as Molniya) is a watch and clockmaker known for supplying the Soviet Union Department of Defense with wrist watches, pocket watches, and table clocks. Unique clocks were also produced specifically for use in Soviet tanks, fighter aircraft, submarines, and spacecraft. Each wristwatch has been serviced by a professional watchmaker, ensuring its quality and precision.

Soviet Watch Details

  • Case Size: 43mm (1.69 inches).
  • Lug to Lug Size: 52mm (2.05 inches).
  • Material: Stainless steel watch cover with a non-transparent watch cover design.
  • Movement: 17 jewels, mechanical watch movement caliber.

This vintage wrist watch features a durable stainless steel case and a non-transparent cover, allowing you to appreciate the intricate inner workings of the mechanical watch. The detailed engineering and durable construction are hallmarks of the legendary Molnija watches. As a soviet wrist watch, it exemplifies the precision and craftsmanship of USSR watches.

Soviet Vintage Gift

The Kirovskie Soviet Wristwatch is an exceptional wristwatch gift for anyone fascinated by vintage watches, military wrist watches, and Soviet history. It makes an ideal Soviet gift or USSR gift, perfect for collectors and enthusiasts of Soviet military memorabilia. This soviet wristwatch not only serves as a functional timepiece but also as a cherished piece of history.


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